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Academic & Arts Enrichment Program

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Our Summer Programming

The Faith for the City enrichment program is a multi-dimensional empowerment experience for children in Washington, DC that addresses the needs for academic enrichment, arts education and engagement, and cultural exposure.

Our academic activities are motivated by the documented concern of learning loss in general, and specifically with underserved populations.  We take a long-term approach to the needs of youth and young adults and see ourselves as partners for the big picture.  This a very different approach than just filling slots each summer.  

What sets Faith for the City apart is the combination of our academic program with an immersion into the arts.  

Leadership Development

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From a positive youth development perspective, we realize that youth as well as young adults bring something to the table that many older adults are lacking; the ability to influence and mobilize their community.  Therefore, Faith for the City's leadership development program takes an integrated approach towards investing in the development of leadership capabilities and opportunities for marginalized young people whose voices are underheard and overlooked.

In terms of actions, we provide avenues for youth and young adults to tell their stories and experiences and build their confidence to do so in settings like community meetings, city council hearings, and mobilization efforts in their community. Issues like gentrification, displacement, and community violence are just a few examples of where their voices could amplify perspectives that are often left out of solution-based conversations. 

In terms of development and training, we integrate the arts (visual, music performance, and music production) as a means of strengthening the skills and options that youth and young adults can use to communicate their perspective so that, when the opportunities come to voice their views, we have prepared them for those moments.


Ghana West Africa Trip

As a culminating aspect to leadership development as well as the other programs, Faith for the City is strategically planning a journey for marginalized youth and young adults to Ghana West Africa.  Many of our participants have struggled with identity, family and community connections, and a sense of personal calling.  We believe that this life-changing adventure will cement a transformative process for each participant that is connected to them embracing a responsibility to positively impact their community.

Financial Literacy

The sad reality of Black displacement in Washington, DC underlines the absence of community wealth that disproportionately affects youth in our city.  Youth and young adults are becoming the major demographic of unhoused persons in our city.  A necessary solution is to increase the amount and intensity of training of financial literacy for marginalized young people.  

The delivery of this information includes;

  • Quarterly workshops sponsored by Faith for the City for youth and young adults

  • Financial Resource referrals of participants and their families

  • Collaborations with Financially focused programs and professionals

  • Financial mentoring RELATIONSHIPS of young people with caring trusted adult

Information is only powerful if it reaches its mark. Relationship is one of the most powerful vehicles for information.

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