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How We arrived here


In 1986 Elder Cleo White...


...a mom, school teacher, and preacher started a church comprised mostly of her students and youth from several neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.  Though she was a longstanding member in an established church, she felt God's call to go to the highways and hedges.  Through her efforts along with her husband, Deacon Lionel White, they started Faith Temple Church.  In 2010, Faith Temple merged with its' mother church, Faith Tabernacle UHCA but the outreach ministry need allowed for the birth of Faith for the City, Inc.  

Where we're going


Our mission is to...

​...impact the city of Washington, D.C. by impacting people.  We are committed to transforming the spiritual, economic, social, and physical landscape of the city.  We also have seen that what separates us from many who do this work is that we believe in reaching the most needy and empowering them as leaders of bringing about change.  Indigenous leadership is crucial to authentic change.  We believe in personal transformation and the power that gives us in reproducing change in others.  From our Christian context we strive to impact people of all backgrounds, especially youth, young adults, and forward-looking elders who want to see a new day in Washington D.C. that includes the long time residents.  

Current Programs

COVID-19 Safety Outreach

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Academic Enrichment & Arts Program

Leadership Development & Mentoring

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