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We link the arts to the cause of empowerment.

We bring solutions to problems by developing native people to see themselves as assets.

We increase the capacity of the organizations we partner with and therefore increase the solutions in underserved communities.

We want to graduate people from need to service, and from service to leadership.


This is how we are helping our city.

Step 1

We meet people through the opportunities to serve a need or educate on an issue.

Step 2

Next, this relationship helps us mobilize recipients of service to serve others and join our team with adovacy, and community service.

Step 3

We lastly assess the needs of involved people to help them with personal development through leadership training and financial empowerment.

We believe in developing leaders who are organic to the soil of the work or problem.

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Social Proof

Portia Denise Wood
My name is Portia Denise wood and I'm honored to be a part of the faith for the city history. I grew up in Potomac Gardens and as a teen mom with not much to do I was introduced to what Faith for the City was starting with a project to get youth off the street and teach trades for the outside world. During this project I got a chance to work with my friends and be a part of what we left behind. The studio and all of the beautiful landscaping was my proudest moment because we knocked out an entire apartment and built it from scratch as well as the landscaping. That program kept me out of fights, gangs and it taught me even at 16 and 17 years old if I could build, landscape, stay focus and be a mom I knew my future was going to be unstoppable. So as of today May 2021 I am the 2nd black female in command at On The Rocks restaurant. I always knew my passion was cooking and now I run the kitchen!! As for the future I'm looking forward to keeping being a great mom and hopefully one day I'll have my very own food truck but for now you can catch this black Queen cooking at On the Rocks. I would like to thank Mr. Malone, faith for the City and Pastor White for always believing in me, praying for me and giving me that window of hope may God bless you CHEF Portia Denise Wood.