Arts & Life

The goal of this program is to move from exposure to the Arts to familiarity and proficiency as well as integrating Art into the everyday lives of participants as they develop a social consciousness. 

In addition to being a part of the Enrichment program, Art is a part of the DNA of Faith for the City.  The integration of Art in the work of empowerment, advocacy, and personal development is one of the distinctives of our organization.  We believe that Art is especially important to youth, young adults, and marginalized people in general because it is a way of encouraging expression and allowing them to tell their story when they are often unheard. 


Social Practice:

Social practice is using the process of ideation and art materials to solve problems around us.  When we teach drawing, we are teaching participants how to see the world as it is.  Even if participants do not pursue art as a career, this can be a powerful tool in shaping their paradigm.


The Current Building Blocks for Art & Life include:

  • Music Technology 
  • Visual Arts  
  • Instrumental/Vocal Music Instruction 

Available starting in the Fall/Winter of 2021