Academic Enrichment

To reach children and help them grow academically, engage with technology and the arts, be exposed culturally; all within a safe and healthy environment.

  • Research shows that students who don’t participate in summer learning activities lose ground over the summer compared to peers who do.
  • Urban students are often receiving a shrinking amount of Arts education which has a negative impact on them and the society.
  • Many students of DC have been under-exposed to the rich cultural opportunities outside of their neighborhoods but that are accessible in the Nation’s Capitol.


In the picture that we are creating…

Students who participate will no longer be behind their peers academically, they will appreciate various artistic expressions and perhaps discover their own talents, and additionally, their exposure to the rich culture of this area will give them a thirst for discovering the world.



Students will be assessed in reading and math at the beginning and end of the program.

Students will participate in meditation that provides discussion about: developing principles of a higher deity, team building, the ability to work collaboratively, and develop coping skills.

Students will participate in Academic Enrichment and receive:

  • One on one support to reinforce academic and cultural lessons.
  • Nutritional meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Students will participate in The Arts and complete a creative project to include one of the following: paintings, music, dance presentation.

Students will complete the application of scientific knowledge especially of technological instruction.

Students will participate in the completion of a dramatic production.

Students will participate in swimming.

Students will participate in at least 5 field trips.

Students will participate in a final showcase to demonstrate what they have learned, created, and experienced during the program.